Top Ranked Earth and Planetary Sciences Journals Based on CiteScore

Recently, the Citescore for 2016 has been released. In the Earth and Planetary Sciences category, the journal Nature Geoscience topped the Citescore list, followed by Earth-Science Reviews.

Here is the definition of CiteScore from Elsevier and how it is computed:

“CiteScore is a simple way of measuring the citation impact of serial titles such as journals. Serial titles are defined as titles which publish on a regular basis (i.e. one or more volumes per year). CiteScore calculates the average number of citations received in a calendar year by all items published in that journal in the preceding three years. The calendar year to which a serial title‚Äôs issues are assigned is determined by their cover dates, and not the dates that the serial issues were made available online.”
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ENVI: Compute Brightness Temperature of Landsat 8 OLI, GeoEye, QuickBird, Sentinel, RapidEye

Use the ENVI tool and save some image preprocessing time by following these simple steps for radiometric calibration of a number of satellite images, including Landsat 8 OLI, GeoEye, QuickBird, Sentinel, RapidEye, SPOT DIMAP, WorldView, and Ziyuan. The ENVI tool allows you to calibrate image data to radiance, reflectance, or brightness temperatures.

Step 1: Open the Metadata file from ENVI (File-> Open). Use the table below, as provided by ENVI, for guide in which file to open for each sensor type.
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